Bibles for Frogmen reaches out to US Navy SEALs and all Navy Servicemen/Servicewomen

FREE Bibles and CDs for Navy SEALs (and all Navy)

Bibles for Marines is committed to keeping our brave heroes in prayer and in God's Word, and encouraging their faith in God through Jesus Christ. We distribute free Bibles and CDs to Navy SEALs and Navy servicemen/servicewomen at various charity events.

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The Bible is an agent of freedom - not just temporal freedom but eternal freedom through Jesus Christ! For those who serve the cause of freedom around the world, Bibles for Frogmen donates the entire Bible in a leather-bound format that is easy to carry, and designed to meet the specific needs of those who serve in the most difficult of situations.
For just $20 per Bible, you can support Bibles for Frogmen with your tax-deductible donation!