Bibles for Marines is a ministry of the non-profit organization NCIC.

The purpose of the NCIC Inc. is threefold:
1. To worship God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
2. To upbuild the Church of Jesus Christ through the teaching of the Word and the ministry of the Spirit;
3. To persuade people to repent and confess Jesus Christ as Lord.

How NCIC Achieves It's Purpose:

We have numerous ministries that are part of our organiztion. We understand that some Churches either do not, or can not minister in ways other than they traditionally have.

The NCIC is called to go out into the seedier parts of the world. The NCIC is comprised of a board of directors as well as a highly experienced "advisory board." This Advisory board consists of numerous Pastors from non- denominations as well as others with special skills and knowledge. We are also blessed with four Christian law firms to assist us in legal issues.

The Founder and Senior Pastor of this ministry is Joseph A. Travers; and is committed to serving Jesus Christ without worry or fear.

History of NCIC:
by founder Joseph Travers

In 2000 I founded National Christian Information Center, Inc while attending Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta Hot Springs. NcicInc purchased a Condo at the Bible College and used it to temporary house abused woman and children, while providing technical assistance with court procedures.

In 2002 NCIC Inc. started a coffee house, The True Brew, and donated it's use for live Christian entertainment, youth nights and bible study.

In 2004 NCIC Inc. moved to the Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa Logos Building and started a Jail Ministry at the Orange County Jail and offered free Counseling to Christians involved in the legal system. NcicInc also started a homeless ministry in Doheny Beach providing free bibles and food to the homeless community "ThePreacher". To raise money the Ministry initiated Born Again The Way Motorcycle Ministry, "Run for Jesus" Harley Davidson ride along the California coast giving away biker Bibles.

In 2008 my son Joshua joined the Marine Corps and attended Camp Pendleton School of Infantry before deploying to Iraq. Seeing a need to assist the young marines at SOI, NcicInc,  with the assistance of Capo Beach Calvary www.CapoBeachChurch.com, started what is now known as Bibles for Marines in 2009.